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Hans-Peter Winter:
Grew up in the Westerwald. After leaving some footprints on other continents and in Swabia, he moved to Düsseldorf due to work. Anyone who knows him is aware that he not only loves to be a "jack-of-all-trades", feeling at home in the whole world, he is also the initiator of crazy ventures, a creative pioneer, an adventurer and a man of action.

His heart beats for everything that's new and exciting.
Especially if he can share and experience it with others.
With "RED HAZE", Hans-Peter Winter opens another chapter in his book of life. One thing is certain: the owner and managing director of "RED HAZE" will provide for adventure, excitement and sweat.

To support him he has called on Martina Kamp , an experienced club manager from Düsseldorf who has enriched the city with extraordinary concepts and events since 2005.
With "RED HAZE" she will drive her passion to perfection.

This closes the circle around the heads of "RED HAZE",
who have hand-picked a special team of professionals to support them.