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Dear Red Haze Friends,

it's not often that the opening party and the farewell party for a bar
is celebrated on a single night. That made the "Family & Friends Pre-Opening" on Saturday,
the 8th of May all the more intensive. I was pleased to be on the receiving end of so much
enthusiasm and praise, but just remember: it's not the host that makes a party great, it's the
guests. Not to forget the band, the service, the DJ and everyone who was working
that night: they not only did their job, they also partied along with the rest of us.

In any case I think that meanwhile all the participants have forgiven me
for the swindle. For all those who couldn't make it, I should explain
that I was sure that an invitation to the opening of a new bar would be
more tempting than an invitation to an "Old-Fart-50th-Birthday-Party".

Although I was grateful for all the good wishes and gifts, what made me really happy
was the unbelievable sum of 1,660.- Eur which we collected during the
party for the "Krebs- und schwerstkranker Kinder und Jugendlicher e.V."
This doesn't include any donations made before or after the party, so if I get any feedback from
the society about the overall amount or the usage of the money, I will add it here.

In the meantime we've added the photos to the "Gallery" page of our www.redhaze.eu
website. If anyone has any pictures showing any undocumented aspects of the party, please
get in touch with me so that I can include it in the gallery.

See you at the next party,
H.- P. Winter
(One Night Managing Director Red Haze Bar)

PS: .... like I said at the party, if the police are called twice, it was good - they came three times, the last visit at 4:00 am